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What is your dental retirement plan?


You opened your new office with your first private pay patients, and a regular work schedule! Now, you are looking forward to enjoying the financial accomplishments and the joyful activities of retirement.

Decisions for successful retirement transitions

Your Practice represents a valuable asset and a source of community service, and warrants thoughtful decisions about its future.

  • When should you start planning? If you are within five years of your target retirement age, it is time to plan!
  • What is the business value of your Practice? Establishing a realistic value for your Practice will greatly determine your transition success. Assignment of a reasonable value facilitates recruitment of the right buyer, improved chances of a loan approval by lenders, and accomplishment of a scheduled transition!
  • What is your Master Plan? Practice transitions and sales have many variations. Immediate or long-term? Employment of the Buyer as an Associate, or yourself after the sale? Seller or bank financing? How are you structuring the "Goodwill Value Transition"? What are the opportunities or limitations of office facilities? Practice Buyers have as many variable requirements as Sellers. Many variables must be identified and planned for matching your plan with the right Buyer!

Why Peds Exclusively is a valuable member of your master plan

We deliver proven recruitment services! Dentistry is our specialized expertise.

  • Our business is Recruitment, we are not practice brokers. We only charge a set fee when we find a buyer and the practice is sold, not 10-15% of the sale price. We have buyers!
  • No Risk Services. A fee is only charged when a candidate is found and signed. All of our marketing is at no cost to you and we do not believe in exclusive agreements.
  • Our comprehensive services are personalized to meet the parameters of your practice.
  • Transition experience.
  • Proven performance in recruiting the right surgeons for a diversity of Practices.

We make it personal! We understand first-hand how hard you have worked to achieve the ultimate goal of retirement.

For a confidential conversation about your Practice and the benefits of our service please contact us.